26 April 2010

The Daily Visionary Post

The Daily Visionary Post highlighted me in there posts today. Check it.


Daily Visionary Post #40: Festival International de Louisiane weekend has come and gone. We as a city did what we do best - we threw a giant party. Tons of bands flooded Lafayette's Downtown along with revelers from the city and the rest of the world alike. Through Festival, we show the world that tradition and innovation can coexist side by side and often enhance one another, creating an exhilaratingly creative and alive moment that will extend infinitely in time through the memories that were created in that very moment. One can say the same about the photography of local artist Lucius Fontenot. His artist's statement is simple : "Louisiana is where I am from. Louisiana is where I live. Louisiana is who I am. Louisiana is what I do." However, there is something complex and layered about his images which pay tribute to the past yet are alive with the present. Through his images, Fontenot exposes the soul of present day South Louisiana with a vibrancy that is astonishing. Louisiana is such an old place that is steeped in tradition that it's often easy for artists to romanticize it as a subject and somehow filter it through a dusty, sepia-tinged lense. In Fontenot's work, however, we see a sharp focus and colors that pop. We see the living tradition unfolding before our eyes. We can feel the sap flowing underneath the skin of the photo, still giving life to the moment. It's an achievement we rarely see in Louisiana photography and we should celebrate his work as only we can. Do a two-step for the man and his work ... and may your Louisiana reveries/revelries be as vivid and alive as his.

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