21 April 2010

Letter To Jack Kerouac

Letter to Jack Kerouac:

It is you Jack that taught me to be so careless. It is you that made me chase the madness. It is you that made me want to be one of those who burn, burn, burn. Thanks Jack - it is you that made me curious, you that made me questfull. Its you that made me literate. Shit... your even French. You drink like me (or do I drink like you?) Godbless - you wanted the right group and the right place and the right time with the right....whatever....did you ever find it? I hope so. I think I have. Maybe you should have left Burroughs in NOLA and come North just a bit. Well...maybe you were safer there.

Jack, America has changed. It is not the debutante in which you left it. There is "16 & Pregnant" & "Jersey Shore". Shit!... there is fucking "American Idol. Where is the America that you searched for? Did you ever find her?

Maybe it was easier then. Maybe it is harder to find her today.....with MSN, CSMBC, CNN, & fucking FOX NEWS.

What did you see? I want to see it. Jack, where is the beat, beat, beat?

Jack, this is just a rant. A playful rant. But it is fun.

Fun to question. Fun to rant. Fun to think of an America that we know can be. The America we love. The America that is.

Peace. Love. Bon Temp.

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